Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast, originally uploaded by Penny White.

The "new to me" long-exposure photography technique often creates moody images. Even better - it's creates really cool effects if shooting in the rain!

This photo was taken during a sunny afternoon with an 8 minute exposure. The little birds sat there for a long time, if they had moved more, only ghosts would be visible, or nothing at all.

Monday, September 8, 2008

UBC Botany Annex

Originally uploaded by Penny White

Located in the bowels of a 1956 concrete box, my lab glows with blue-green florescent lights - a far cry from the CSI image broadcast on TV. The dank narrow hallway is lined with metal doors fixed with six inch square cross-hatched windows too high to look through. Random clanking from the old pipes and air ducts keeps me on my toes.

One person is sometimes glimpsed while scurrying to the out of doors, but to stop and chat would likely be an intrusion. He or she has yet to look up as I pass.

Soon, this place will be struck from my life.